Vice Construction spending flatlines in May as homebuilding declines At Countrywide, option arm woes mount decline in home prices to continue to 2011: clear capital mortgage applications increase 1.3% Are lower rates helping mortgage originators?

Blown Mortgage: Bank of america neuters countrywide? – CNN reports that Bank of America will eliminate all but the most sound mortgage products as it attempts to complete its takeover of Countrywide. Countrywide was made famous by its option ARM and other non-traditional products which have clearly back-fired.

S&P/Case-Shiller: Home prices rise 0.9% Home prices across the country rose again in March, according to data released Tuesday by S&P/Case-Shiller. On a national basis. while the 20-city index rose 1% and the 10-city index rose 0.9%..

Defaults on a popular form of mortgage that gave home buyers a choice of how much to pay each month are rising and could rival those on subprime loans, potentially causing more trouble for.

Just as 2007 and 2008 were the years of subprime woes, 2010 will go down as the year of Option ARM resets. With billions in Option. The simple truth Housing is in trouble; foreclosures will mount;.

With so many Settlements against Countrywide, BOA and BoNY Can BOA choose not to reach out to us?Does anyone make them? We are Current, Never Late, Underwater on our Countrywide Pay-Option ARM Loan-.

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Loans written by Countrywide and many other Lenders over the past few years, to include, "Stated Income loans" and "Option Arm" loans, are simply not desired on the secondary market right now, due to "poor performance." In a nutshell, "poor performance" translates to mortgage lates, notice of defaults and foreclosures.

The second was to offer mortgages, known as subprime (or Alt A, Option ARM, etc), to less-than-creditworthy borrowers. We seemed to be muddling through. The panic of ’08 (or apres Lehman, le deluge.

At Countrywide, Option ARM Woes mount. august 13, 2008. Paul Jackson.. While Countrywide’s option ARM holdings are large, the company doesn’t hold the largest such portfolio of loans.

House to vote Monday on limiting GSE CEO pay  · Hospital corporations across Massachusetts have placed at least $1.6 billion in the Cayman Islands and other well-known offshore tax havens, leading nurses and lawmakers to call for legislation requiring financial transparency from hospitals and the returning of excess profits and CEO pay to the public good.