Cordray, the former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is the Democrats’ best hope to take power in Columbus after years of Republican rule. (Maddie McGarvey/The New York Times)

 · Cordray for Governor Announcement Remarks by Richard Cordray – December 5, 2017. Welcome to Lilly’s Kitchen Table here in Grove City. This is my hometown, where I was born and raised. My parents dedicated their careers to people with disabilities. They set an example that taught me about true public service.

Now, forgetting for a moment about comp issues (Cordray is earning about $180k per year), if Dave were to have a desire to run the CFPB, that would be interesting indeed. Musings aside, law.

I’ll take Cordray for $45,303. Jeopardy! appearance shows not much changed for CFPB director. February 6, 2014. Brena Swanson. Twenty-six years after he first appeared on Jeopardy, not much has.

Cordray would not comment on rumors that President Donald Trump will soon take action to fire him before his term. soon after his inauguration last Friday applies to his agency. “I’ll leave that to.

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Before offering some suggestions about the criteria Democrats should apply to their search for a 2020 nominee, I’ll take issue with the conventional. Andrew Gillum, Richard Cordray). Sure, there is.

Ohio's major-party candidates for governor, Democrat Richard Cordray and republican mike dewine, both have outlined education plans.

Related: cordray announces exit from federal postHe declined to talk about the others in the race but did say, "I’ll take on all comers at every stage and I think we will do very well. But it. So I think I’ll take a stab at a persuasive answer: the zombies do represent something. But the zombies aren’t foreigners, they’re us .

Ohio Democrats who were hoping that Richard Cordray, the former state treasurer and attorney general, might rush in on a white horse, with a hardy "Heigh Looks like Ohio Dems will do without.

"I’m getting into this race, and I’ll take on all comers at whatever stage," Cordray said at a news conference in his hometown of Grove City. Cordray is the only Democratic candidate who has won a.