The housing market received some good economic news last. to, defaults were up 130 percent in New Jersey between September 2011 and 2012. In the wake of the signing scandal, courts.

First Quarter Foreclosure Activity Down, Not Out  · There is absolutely no sign that the foreclosure problem in the US is even close to an end point. Data from RealtyTrac shows that there were 3,957,643 foreclosure filings last year, a record.

And last. the new realtytrac foreclosure report contained a glimmer of encouraging news: Nine of the 10 cities with the highest rates saw rates drop year over year, including Stockton’s rate, which.

Of all of the foreclosures in the RealtyTrac online database, Most Foreclosure Properties Not Underwater.. Foreclosures in 2011 to break last year’s record: RealtyTrac.

 · The country’s 262,399 foreclosure filings represent a 21 percent month-over-month decline and a 14 percent year-over-year decline – the largest in almost six years by both measures.

Mortgage fraudsters are leaving these 10 markets Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and prepared to invest large sums of money to reap richer rewards. Richard Hinton from MDA Information Products discusses the issues Our professional lives are ruled by the business case. None of us would think of entering a new market or launching a new.Here’s why mortgage rates didn’t rise in 2014 Higher rates will affect affordability. On a $250,000 mortgage the principal and interest is $1,165. These numbers don’t include tax and insurance, which are normally rolled into the monthly payment, meaning the actual payment could be $200 to $300 higher. But for comparison purposes, we’ll focus solely on principal and interest (PI).

The picture certainly hasn’t been pretty, but mortgage foreclosure rates didn’t reach record. every year since except 2010. Foreclosures increased from 2011 to 2012 in Allegheny and Beaver counties.

 · With so many foreclosures expected to come down the pipe in 2011, Flint and Sharga offer a housing market outlook that doesn’t show signs of.

March home sales increase in almost all metros: RE/MAX Comparing annual median home prices to partial year prices is not really an apples-to-apples comparison because of the effect of market seasonality on sales prices, but the below analysis is still an interesting indicator: In almost all of the markets below, year-to-date prices have ticked down.

 · Still, the number of homes in Nevada that received a foreclosure filing dropped 16 percent from the first quarter last year. All told, one in every 33 homes in Nevada was facing foreclosure, more than four times the national average, RealtyTrac said. foreclosure filings rose on an annual and quarterly basis in Arizona, however.

 · Maui: A small market but one showing early price strength in 2011. Honolulu: Prices fell off a bit last year after holding steady for a couple of years.

The moratorium on foreclosures on homes belonging to families like the DeVolls could have a roller-coaster effect on the Arizona housing market, where in September alone 17,117 homes – one in every 159 residential properties – were either scheduled for foreclosure or went through one, placing the state as second in the nation in the foreclosure rate.

In 2010, 2.9 million properties received foreclosure filings — an increase of 2 percent from 2009 and 23 percent from 2008, according to data from the website RealtryTrac. The figures would have.

For Consumers, Time to Shop (Until the Mortgage Drops) One notable inclusion is the First-time home buyer incentive, which would allow buyers to share the cost of purchasing a home with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. and recommendations aren’t.