Survey Finds Short Sales Outnumber REO in January Purchases Love and hate on the Johnson-Crapo GSE reform effort $3.2M Detroit foreclosure mystery bidder revealed Morgan Stanley surprised by reported Citi settlement size The big banks have been see-sawing this week after a relief bump from Citigroup’s (NYSE. scheduled to report earnings before market open on Wednesday, Jan. 16, and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) the.A Brazilian student is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder to raise cash to build homes for poverty-stricken families. Catarina Migliorini, 20, is set to plough the money – currently.Stealth’ GSE Reform: Two Major Changes in Shelby’s Reg Relief Bill – American Banker Get the FHA out of the home financing business – Washington Times “The wild child that caused all the trouble was the “unbridled” financial industry.treasury may accelerate TARP bank exits Which bailed-out bank will be next to exit TARP? – Which bank will follow the trail blazed by Bank of America (BAC) and be next to exit the government’s bank rescue program. It’s good news for the Treasury that it may be the next to repay its.

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Freddie Mac: 3 reasons lending will hit lows not seen since 2000 News to Watch – NTW Finance News Today – The Mortgage Credit Availability Index that measures how easy it is to get a loan was near a 10-year high in May, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The average U.S. rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage stood at a two-year low of 3.82% for the first two weeks of June after falling through most of 2019, according to Freddie Mac.

FHFA resolves 6 of 18 RMBS suits against big banks The FHFA has served as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s conservator since their $187 billion taxpayer bailout in 2008. It filed suits against 18 banks over losses suffered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on more than $130 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Sued By California Attorney General See, e.g., U.S. Bank Nat’l Ass’n v. Greenpoint Mortg. Funding, Inc., 2015 WL 915444, at *6 (Sup Ct, NY County 2015. breach of an obligation to notify may be pleaded against the servicer in an RMBS.

The cases are among 18 suits brought by FHFA alleging that the banks fraudulently issued or underwrote hundreds of mortgage-backed securities prior to the subprime collapse. Together, these cases constitute one of the highest-profile securities litigations arising out of the financial crisis, with hundreds of billions of dollars in securities at stake.

Reports about the Federal Housing Finance Agency lawsuits against the nation’s largest banks for. FHFA suits against big banks draws mixed reactions. FHFA resolves 6 of 18 RMBS suits against.